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"Slow down you fool!" Cranky is yelling. "But ease up on the brake!"

Suddenly there is a horrible grinding sound from the gearbox.

"Sorry, my fault," says Greasy, as he struggles to get the car into third.

"I think now would be a good time to brace ourselves for impact," says Cranky as he desperately tries to steer the auto.

"Oh? Why is that?" ask Greasy and Gassy simultaneously.

"BECAUSE WE'RE ABOUT TO CRASH!" shouts Cranky as he dives into the back seat.




Remember the cool breeze on your face through the open wing-vent, cruising down two-lane blacktop? Now anyone young or old can capture those lost moments again thanks to...

Motor World brand toy cars created by Dennis Larkins.

Doc Bupkis can have supreme confidence in the reliability of his Motor World Family Sedan as he takes his wife Madge and children, Betty and Billy, Jr., on a drive to the country.

Classic Taxi Driver Vinnie Vinyl is all set to whisk local aspiring starlet Miss Laurel Kanyen and her agent Chisel Cheatum to Progressville Municipal Airport for the next flight to Hollywood. 

The folks of Progressville feel safe and secure in the friendly and copable hands of Detective Sam Hammer, Officer Ed Cruller, and Police Dog Bark, out patrolling the streets in their Police Cruiser.

These durable, cast resin forties style cars gleam in their brightly colored non-toxic finishes and full color decals. Isn't it about time you picked up one of these unique Limited Edition beauties? Numbered and signed, they come complete with a snappy display-case box, removable scenic background, exciting and fully illustrated storybook and fun-filled owner's manual.

Please contact us directly for pricing and availability.



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